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NimaTea Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid for Loose Tea Brew. Made of Borosilicate Glass and Stainless Steel Strainer Wraps with a Green Silicone Band. 16.9oz, Functions as a Teapot or Teacup, BPA Free

  • A Simple Way to Brew: Allows loose tea leaves steeping or coffee brewing, You made the choice!
  • Green Silicone band insulates and retains heat so that lid is cool to touch. Silicone band keeps the cup tightly closed and prevent spillage during every brew.
  • Generous Size: Large Glass tea mug can hold up to 16.9oz / 500ml with infuser basket inserted.
  • Durable and Having Great Thermal Properties: made of borosilicate glass that is more heat resistant than traditional glassware and still appearing compact with a modern design.
  • Safe for Consumption: Contains all food grade material, BPA Free and Eco-Friendly. Easy to clean after every brew.
Nimatea Chinese Zisha Tea Pet
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